GYPJAQ (JIP-JACK) - is a free-spirited artist who transcends all barriers, genres and expectations. With deep roots in performance art and a wildly eclectic sound, the Harlem-born performer provides his audiences with an eccentric and a wholly engaging experience. Complete with thought-provoking lyrics, strong beats, stellar vocals, high-energy dancing and meaningful moments, a GypjaQ show is more than just a performance; it’s a movement and a state of mind.

GypjaQ attributes his cultural inclusivity and unique perspective to his early upbringing. As he traveled the globe with his mother, an eternal wanderlust, GypjaQ soaked up the customs and sounds of every land he visited. He became enthralled with music at an early age and discovered the violin while under the tutelage of the Harlem School of the Arts (HAS). His training there gave him a deep respect for his craft and helped to develop the burgeoning artist within. 

The self-proclaimed King of aNvKai (a-new-k-eye), GypjaQ challenges his audiences to join him on a journey of enlightenment and to identify their truths. aNvKai is the name of a movement created by the performer that promotes acceptance and growth, asking the world to live in the idea that we are all important to one another and who we are is enough. aNvKai challenges us all to stop expecting the least of humanity and to start living up to our most.

GypjaQ will soon release his first album, “aNvkai Genesis.”

Photography Courtesy of Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Photography Courtesy of Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio